A brand new Vert album, The Days Within, will be released in September. This will be my first “proper” album since 2006, and I want to celebrate it with a potlatch, by giving away all my previous albums. Yes, I’m talking about free music.

Ah, 2006. Back then I was a pretty good MySpacer, but Facebook was for baby photos, Instagram didn’t exist, and Twitter was for — well, whatever Twitter was for. Things have changed in the last 9 years, and I could do with a little help getting some social media, uh, traction I believe is the word I’m looking for. So to get some free music, all you have to do is one of the following:

  1. Sign up for my newsletter:
  2. Like the Vert Facebook page
  3. Follow @adamvert on Twitter and then tweet about the #vertpotlatch

Each week I’ll give away a new album, and each week you just need to do one of those things to get a free download code. This week's album is:

The Köln Konzert

The first Vert album, released in 1999. One of The Wire’s top albums of the year; one of Pitchfork’s top discoveries of the following year. The Köln Konzert is a glitchy refactoring of Keith Jarrett’s classic that can’t decide whether it loves or hates its forebear.

potlatch |ˈpɒtlatʃ| noun

(among North American Indian peoples of the north-west coast) an opulent ceremonial feast at which possessions are given away or destroyed to display wealth or enhance prestige.