A compilation of some of my favourite Vert tracks from the noughties.


Diego Moriarty crossed the eucalyptus lawn & he walked into the party of some Duke he’d met that morning over breakfast in a self-serve where he’d spent the usual day making power laws out of bell curves in the usual way. The air was thick with laughter just one long vermillion whirl & he found himself staring at the familiar girl.

She said,

—We know each other don’t we?

He said,

—I was thinking that.

So they started seeking links just like the market seeks the crash.

—So do you know the Duke?

—Which Duke?

—Me neither. Where you from?

Somewhere unpronounceable where Diego’s never gone. They compared lives & pasts & lovers, but they’d never known each other. The conversation faded & they parted garbed in awkwardness. Diego left the party feeling empty, sad & nauseous.

But he never even asked her her name. Diego never asked her her name.

Two years pass, Shibuya:

—Oh hi! Where do I know you from? Oh wait, you’re the guy I don’t know...

All enthusiasm gone. He said,

—It’s kind of like a thriller that you saw & then forgot, where you can’t say who’s the killer but you still know half the plot.

—No it’s more like a car crash, broken glass but no harm done. The policeman waves you past, nothing to see here move along.

The next time’s new year’s eve, ’99, milliminal. The airport in Sofia by the luggage carousel. Blindsighted by fluorescent light they reach for the same case & with air-conditioned eyes he sees the strange familiar face. Can't find a word to say so they just go their seperate ways. Diego spends the night in crowded streets scanning features as the sky explodes with starflowers & the screams of desperate preachers, & he doesn’t even know why he’s so desperate to meet her.

But he never even asked her her name. Diego never asked her her name.

Seven years of loneliness, seven years of luck. Diego’s getting by but the familiar face has stuck. He’s had his share of loves thought he was happy once or twice, but it’s her face that he sees on walls of cheap hotels at night.

One day he sees the Duke & he can’t believe his eyes. Duke says,

—Seems like a lifetime! Have you met my wife?

He says,

—We once met at a party, but we didn’t get along. Then Tokyo & Sofia...

But she just shakes her head & yawns.

—No, you must be mistaken. I don’t remember that.

Diego smiles in desperation, says goodbye & walks away too fast. His centre has been taken, his world collapsed, his future’s too vast. But he never even asked her her name. Diego never asked her her name.